Where are they now? Part Four

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Inquiring minds want to know, right?!

BE bess fall 201

Just where are all the horses that BadEventer has blogged about over the years?

In case you missed the first 3 chapters which featured the ponies, my 1st “ride to Rolex” and My Little Satan….. find those here Part One  Part Two and Part Three.

Somewhere along the way, came “The Serial Killer.”

BE Dex face

For the record, I didn’t name him.

He was named after a television serial killer long before I made an appearance in his life.

Dexter TV show

When he came my way he was such an unbelievable knucklehead

BE Dex lunge 2

that he spent 95% of his time bucking

BE Dex buck 10

and I spent 94% of the time, with both feet planted firmly on the ground

BE Dex lunge 4

His shenanigans were so out of control that his previous owner “sold” him to me for the exact price of “one sushi roll“.


Nope. Not Kidding! The sushi roll bit is even on the sales contract with a lot of solid language about how they aren’t responsible when he kills me.

Say no


I spent quite a bit of time with him.

BE Dexter jump BE

And we made some amazing progress.

Dexter TR XC 3

But when I chose to pursue my dream of becoming the world’s oldest working student I had to decrease my number of ponies………

And I decided that this guy…….

BE Dex smash jump

was better off jumping things that fall down.

Happy child playing outdoors

He now lives in jumper land where he is hugely successful & his new owner adores him. She was happy to share some current photos. Thank you for sharing!!

BE Dex Avary jump 1

Dexter Avary

BE Dex Avary jump 2


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