Mississippi Wrap Up

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Our 2 weeks in Mississippi was………..


an adventure…….

It started out “perfectly.”

Zee – bay jumped around a 1.0 meter perfectly enough we decided it was time to move up.

And then Zee – gray jumped so well in the 1.20 meter the first day we thought we were DEFINITELY totally, 100% ready for our very first 1.30 meter.

After the winter in Wellington jumping some pretty impressive tough courses, this was going to be a

piece of cake!


I was NOT worried.

And then every single thing went sideways…………..

If nothing else, horses are humbling.

And here’s where if you missed the last several blogs about Mississippi you should probably go back and catch up.

Start here.

One Step Forward Two Steps Back – Part ONE

Don’t worry.

I’ll wait for you.


It was a rough several days.

And I seriously considered quitting.

It still astonishes me just how many people actually read this ridiculous blog.

And I want to say I definitely appreciated all the heart warming messages about how much you enjoy my blog and how I just “can’t quit!”

But here’s the thing. This blog is entirely about things going WRONG.

Brant Gamma Photography

So when I have a lot to blog about, things have seriously gone to SH*T.

And I’m really glad the general “keepin’ it real” crowd was thrilled with my return to the Blogosphere.

But on this end, it pretty much sucked.

So after a very rough first week. Two VERY unsuccessful move up attempts.

We moved back down and just tried to regroup and recover.

After a couple of stutters, both ponies made it around back in the lower divisions.

And then came the last day.

And all I could think was, seriously BadEventer, do NOT blow this on the last day.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your sh*t together……….

There are no do-overs on the last day. If it goes to hell you just have to go home with your tail between your legs.

But by some miracle, I put in 2 of my best rounds on both ponies.

And yes, my best round included a rail, I seriously don’t care about rails, leaving the ground is what counts!!

Huge – sigh – of relief.

And while I absolutely love all of my adoring fans.

I really hope I don’t have so much to blog about any time soon!!!!

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