Now What? – Part 1

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The last time I checked in with all my adoring fans……………

(all 3 of you)

I had just finished up in Mississippi last year.

And Wow, that was an adventure.

There were several installments of that Tale, so if you missed it, definitely check it out.


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Mississippi Wrap Up

You may have been wondering where the heck I’ve been since then.

And that’s a valid question.

So here’s the thing.

I’m old enough that I’ve made some really bad life choices in my time, and vowed never to do it again.

And then…….

time passes…………..

Enough time that I somehow manage to forget that I had vowed never ever to do that tragic thing again.

Or someone convinces me that, in spite of how unbelievably badly it went last time………..

this time will be different.


What happened was………. I used to own my own business.

And without question – it was the worst mistake of my life.

“Soul Crushing” doesn’t even begin to explain the experience of it.

And if you’ve been reading Tales from a BadEventer from the beginning you probably remember when I sold the business and went off to become the world’s oldest working student. (BadEventer Working Student)

That was 2015, and I vowed to never, ever

not ever

open another business again.

And then……

Some friends came along and said, “This time will be different!”

My answer was no.

They said, “This time you can do exactly what you want!”

My answer was still no.

“But THIS TIME you can buy more fancy horses!”


That’s how I ended up opening another business….


after vowing never to do that again.

And so I knew from previous experience that once we came up to opening day it was going to be a 24/7 gig for some torturous undetermined period of time.

Which of course means, no horse stuff.

So my first priority…..

was to do as much horse showing as I could before the all-in-slog started. I knew once the business opened I might not be able to ride for what would likely be the longest period in my adult life.

So after the Mississippi trip we did…….




where BadEventer did her first and LAST equitation round of her life.

and lastly we finished up in Aiken.

And some of it went well.

And some of it went badly.

And some of it went really really badly.

I mean – I am the queen of driving 1000 miles and stopping at the first jump.

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………..

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