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I’m not a teenager.
Here’s Bad Eventer as a teenager! Don’t ask about the jodhpurs…….
I’ve been around the horse world since the dawn of time for quite awhile now.
I’ve been a working student before and I’ve had working students work for me.
Working student fun – tractor wheelies!
I’ve seen first hand some of the horror stories on both sides of this equation.
Working students who relocated 2000 miles for training…… that just didn’t happen.
Working students who missed those kindergarten classes on playing nice with others……………..
My favorite working student gaffe was when I asked my new working-student-in-training to pack the XC boots and THIS is what I got.
The BadEventGroom still has a twitch over her left eye after seeing that tack trunk.
While getting everything set to run away from home and take on a working student job, I’ve asked a lot of question.
Hours, days, living arrangements, fees, duties, lessons.
I still have a ton of questions.
For example:
How does someone living in a horse trailer get mail?

What’s the laundry situation? Will I be writing my blogs at the washateria?

Will I need my SNAKE boots?
Yep – those are really called “snake boots” they’re viper proof….and they are a requirement in these parts…….
That photo was taken INSIDE my garage!
So before I leave this sweet little face……………….
 with someone else for a year… I want to be sure I’m going to get what I’m looking for.
I’m fully prepared to work my derriere off…….
in exchange for the dedicated instruction someone as BAD at eventing as I am requires.
It takes a special kind of masochist to coach Bad Eventer.

I was mentioning my schedule for next year. Since I’m a veterinarian I’ll need a few days to get my continuing education…….better not give up my day job just yet…….being Bad Eventer and all.

My husband is military and he doesn’t get to choose when his days off are. He will have leave next April, and one of our family destinations is usually Rolex.

I mentioned, among my dozens of questions, that he would want to see me during his leave and maybe I could get a few days off for Rolex, or he could visit me at work……..
Without missing a beat the reply was something like, “You’ll be feeding the horses at the farm while WE are at Rolex. You won’t be there.”
Bad Eventer has officially become a peon.
Good thing the BadEventHusband likes feeding horses!

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5 thoughts on “Bad Eventer Working Student

  1. Aoife

    Best of luck getting all your answers & everything sorted! When do you start & is WonderPony going with you?

  2. lisa fisher

    That sucks! Trust me, I CAN relate! To say I've sacrificed much in pride and family would be an understatement. But it has truly been worth it. I love every minute of what I've learned!

  3. emma

    definitely a big change… i hope it's totally worth it tho – every single minute!! (also that gif will never ever ever get old haha. poor baby seabiscuit…)

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