Where are They Now? Part Two

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Inquiring minds want to know, right?!

BE bess fall 201

Just where are all the horses that BadEventer has blogged about over the years?


After I decided that 14 hand ponies, weren’t my best choice to move up the levels……….

See Where are They Now Part One for that story…….

Lavender Jump 3

I went on an epic search for my “ride to Rolex”.


I flew to Virginia, drove to Florida from Texas, and tried horses everywhere in between. After vetting 3 that turned out to have…….well……… issues, I bought the first one I looked at that was sound.

BE Loser face woman L on head s

Word to the wise. That’s a poor choice.


In true BadEventer style I thought it was just a matter of moving up the levels, right?

BE Bess QR jump 1 s

She did Novice before I got her….

BE Bess QR jump 2 s

And she was sold to me as a  “Novice champion, ready for Training”

BE Bess dressage 2 QR

So in all my BadEventer-ness I thought – I’ll start at Training

BE Bess MC jump 1 s

And next year we’ll be at Prelim……..

BE Bess MC jump 2 s

And the year after…………………..

BE skeptical face 201

Yeah, unh huh.

BE Bess XC bad 1

That whole “movin’ on up plan”……………….

BE Bess XC bad 2


BE Bess XC bad 4

That didn’t happen.

BE Bess XC bad 3

It turned out, anything with a ditch involved was a deal breaker as far as she was concerned.

Bess Trakehner Holly Hill

And it didn’t even really have to have a ditch………


If she thought there “might” be a ditch………that was enough for her to bail.

Bess Meadow Creek Fall (22) (640x400)

This particular time I stayed on long enough for the photographer to get a whole SERIES!!!!

BE Bess fall 10

And that was after moving back DOWN the levels, where I was finally convinced it was time to give up………….

But this lovely girl is safe on the trails,

McKinney Roughs 056

rides in a halter

Bess McKinney_Roughs 1

and is bombproof in basically every situation,


as long as you stay below Novice and don’t point her at anything with a ditch underneath it she’s an absolute rock star.

Here she is winning at Starter.

BE Bess starter

Her current owner recently posted this about her:

“…..my beautiful girl just looked so lovely to me with her spring dapples. I thought about how many people I have to thank for her being here now……….  I love my mare the beautiful fighter. I’m so grateful to have such a beauty in my life. Thank you to everyone who helped me have this moment and so many more with this mare I love. And she’s still my first choice to ride on any day.”


I’d call that a happy ending.

heart of flowers

Read on for Where are They Now? Part 3


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