Where are They Now? Part Three

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Inquiring minds want to know, right?!

BE bess fall 201

Just where are all the horses that BadEventer has blogged about over the years?

In case you missed the first 2 chapters they can be found here Part One and Part Two.

After my first “ride to Rolex” turned out not to be interested in upper level eventing. And by “upper level”, I mean anything above beginner novice.

Bess Trakehner Holly Hill

And she became the-world’s-best-trail-horse instead – I chose more carefully.

My next ride I affectionately referred to as My Little Satan.

Here’s a reprise of her story.

She was pretty.

Icy head 4 (1024x809)


Icy TX Rose Prelim stad (2)

And jumping her made me smile.

Icy Laura smile

This is the horse that took me around my first Prelim………….after 30 years trying to get there!

Icy Pine Hill Water crop

But after completing a couple of prelims, the fearless leader had a bit of a chat with me about her.

BE face Ls

It went something like, “you did it, you’ve gone prelim, now sell her and get something else. You work harder than everyone else and you’re always last in dressage…….”

(I’m sure it means something that one of our dressage photos became an internet meme! Yep – that’s us!)

The fearless leader continued, “For the work you’re putting in, you should be winning, not killing yourself trying to ride this one.”

I suppose he had a point. She was the image that became the BadEventer logo after all!

Icy corner

Then there was the small detail that he didn’t think she was a good candidate for the move up to Intermediate. So selling her while she was young & BadEventer proof on cross country to someone who wanted to stop at Prelim seemed like a good choice.

But – here’s the thing.

This mare…..

Would do anything for me….

Jump anything for me……
She waited for me at the gate. And was an angel on the ground – for ME.

But send someone else to catch her?

Icey rear (2) (800x533)
And she was gone.

She even tried to flip over once because my groom dared to try & put boots on her for me.

It’s not like she hadn’t worn boots every day of her life! She was a saint for me but had a serious case of “STRANGER DANGER!”


So yes, I tried to sell her.

But in the end, she basically refused to play the game for anyone but me.


So now she has babies instead. I even have two of them! I’m sure they’ll make their own appearances in the Bad Eventer Tales soon!



Awesome babies

Here are some photos of her 3rd baby shared by her current happy owner!

Stay tuned for Where are They Now – Part Four!

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