Where are They Now? Part One

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BE K rear s

Inquiring minds want to know, right?!

BE bess fall 201

Just where are all the horses that BadEventer has blogged about over the years, that moved on to new owners?

BE Jester chatt air vest walk

I’m pretty sure I can compete with Elizabeth Taylor in the horsey divorce arena.

BE WP Dex face s

So where are all my “ex-es” and just how did things turn out with their new owners?

Inquisitive man

Let’s take a short stroll……….

Memory lane concept.

I think this entire story started with Miss-I-Don’t-Do-Ditches.

Here is the very first BadEventer blog , which was her story…….   The Beginning of Obsession


Unfortunately there are no photos, but this princess, Miss-I-Don’t-Do-Ditches, was the first horse that unceremoniously dumped me in a ditch, at my very first childhood horse trial. Of course back in the day you could get back on, & I did, amassing a zillion penalties. The fiesty mare went on to continue her career as a top notch, if not slightly challenging lesson horse.

Fast forward to my attempts at adult eventing…… “T” was the first horse that I returned to eventing on after spending a decade or so riding like this.

Rum 1

and this

Chil endurance

T is beyond special, and I raised him myself

Lazer Thyme Foal Zinnia (2)

but I realized fairly quickly that at 14.3 hands and having been just started under saddle at the ripe age of 8 1/2, he was unlikely to be my ride to Rolex.

BE Thyme water XC

Now he lives in the perfect home


where he storms around – jumping all the things – with his current owner like the trooper he is!

BE Thyme Cathy jump

Then there was T’s little sister the SuperPony,

Lavender Jump 3

who I also raised myself. Wasn’t she a cute black baby?

Foal Quiz Answer Lavender


Lavender_Stadium_Corona (2)

she is an even smaller 14.1 hand package of dynamite, that I jumped over things taller than her ears.

Lavender panoramic

Yet again I discovered that 5’9″ plus 14.1hands

BE Lav sit 1

wasn’t really the best combination. She ventured off to the NorthEast……….

BE Lavender water

where she is a superstar foxhunter & lower level eventer.


Read on for Where are they Now? Part 2


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