BadEventer blows her airvest at Rolex 2017

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Being BadEventer I typically start my XC rides with pretty low goals.

BE Bess fall 10

  1. Stay on the horse
  2. Keep the horse between me and the ground.
  3. Don’t blow my airvest.

BE Jester chatt air vest walk

Everything after that, like remembering my course & hopefully jumping all the jumps are way down on the list of priorities.

As a BadEventer fan told me today, ” I love what you say about a number is better than a letter!” (Thank you for the shout out, it was lovely meeting you.)

Now I can ward off some Murphy’s law because I’ve already blown my air vest “at Rolex”, so just maybe in the future that box is already checked and it won’t happen twice!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Middleton, top sushi chef for Point Two Airvest. He doesn’t know this but I’ve always wanted to blow up an airvest for, you know, fun, as in NOT while I was falling off of a horse.

Little girl jumping on trampoline in gym - isolated, slight motion blur

And today I got my wish!

I also got an education on why some vests may be safer than others, and why some deploy faster than others.

And yes, I bought a Point Two!

Go talk to Lee, you won’t regret it.


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