Hands & Hairnets

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It’s been 6 months since I jumped anything with green numbers.

A few mishaps in the fall sidelined most of the BadEventer team


TheWizard (that’s the oh so fabulous BadEventGroom) has been keeping everyone going.

TheWizard got to ride FoxxyCleopatra before I did!


Having had months to sit around and eat bonbons

I decided to start slow & hopped around at Training & Novice for the first outing.

I couldn’t convince FoxxyCleopatra it was JUST Training level

Other than some dressage goof ups the rest of it went pretty well. SeeĀ Stressage and Unfortunate Bobbles

Then I bumped Baby T-Rex up to her very first Training (I’m so proud). See Climbing Skyscrapers if you missed it.

And I entered the newest member of the team FoxxyCleopatra…… at Prelim.


I never saw the day coming when BadEventer would be sorting out the kinks

at Prelim.

There is one thing that I don’t usually struggle with at home and that I had mostly “gotten over” at events…….

that reared it’s ugly head at this competition.

I’m not sure what kind of skyward bound draw occurs to those hands in the heat of an actual XC but boy did I cringe when I started seeing the photos.

To add insult to injury, you know it’s bad when you get a “day after” text that says something much nicer but whose interpretation means “Those hands! Not OK!”


I had already been looking at the photos and after the horror of my hand position had swept over me I saw something even worse.

My hair had come out of my hair net.

My first Training level with Baby T-Rex

who I raised and trained

which is one of my proudest life achievements,

my hair is flying out everywhere.


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