BadEventer goes to the Landsafe – Reducing Rider Risk Clinic – Part 3

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In case you missed Part 1

BE Landsafe

BadEventer has always wanted to ride a mechanical bull, and the lure of being thrown off a mechanical horse was more than she could resist.

Overjoyed European Woman

In part 2, we talked safety, rider responsibility, why we should all learn how to fall & introduced our cast of characters.


On to part 3!

The first day started with some stretching & concept introduction. This is where I remembered how incredibly BAD I was in gymnastics.

Woman stretches too hard and hurts herself

As a child I was thrown out quit gymnastics after about 2 weeks due to my overall lack of aptitude for the discipline.

BE cartoon bully DP

Fortunately you don’t have to be a world class gymnast to learn how to fall and we started slowly.

BE Landsafe dive roll 3


BE Landsafe Zach photo bomb


I fully admit when they said eventually we’d be doing “dive rolls” over a tower of mats, I didn’t think THAT was ever going to happen…………….

BE face me 13

Shockingly, with plenty of fun and hilarity we all got there.

BE Landsafe chicken




BE Landsafe celebrate

When we got to the horse we started slowly, with extra padding and a spotter.

Zach was the first victim volunteer.

BE Zach fall 1

And when it was my turn, I was NOT disappointed!

BE LS horse fall 1



The first time, in true BadEventer style, I landed on my head!

BE LS horse fall 1 A

Boy is THAT a good reason to take the Landsafe Reducing Rider Risk clinic!

Bagpipe practice


Click here for Part 4 of Bad Eventer  & the Bad Event Groom go to the LandSafe – Reducing Rider Risk clinic!

BE fall dummy BE



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