BadEventer goes to the LandSafe – Reducing Rider Risk Clinic – Part 2

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As excited as I was to sign up for the LandSafe clinic……

I really am a big chicken………..and of course the first step……..liability waiver………..


BE Landsafe Laura release

BadEventer = Massive scaredy cat

White kitten with bright blue eyes trying to climb a tree

Fortunately they have a plan for that, and didn’t just toss us off the mechanical horse first thing!

BE forward roll gif

But before I tell you the rest of my story…….

Safety in our sport and reducing rider risk is such an important topic to me that I’m going to make a rare exception to the BadEventer No-Real-Names rule.

BE hello my name is inigo

The BadEventer stories have never used real names. Full disclosure, many of the “identifying ¬†details” of characters I describe are often changed to protect the innocent, or……. the not-so-innocent, in my tales.

0 SU1HXzYwMDguanBn

So let me introduce for the first time some real names…..

This is about safety.

Jest fall ch 1

And reducing rider risk.

Jest fall ch 2

And saving lives.

BE Jester chatt air vest walk

So let’s start with the decidedly NOT fun part of this story.

wordcloud rider deaths


If you’ve been around our sport for any length of time, you’ll quickly recognize these names. These are riders who died while eventing.

I truly believe this can change and that we don’t need to add any more names to this list. There are multiple pieces and parts to examine when it comes to reducing risk. While course design, fence construction, and qualifications get much deserved attention….. Safety is being suitably mounted on the “right horse” at the “right level” on the “right day”. In the summation….. nothing is more important to safety than rider responsibility.

BE H12


Now that the not-fun part is over with, let me introduce the fabulous cast for the rest of this story.

Jensen gif 2

Cue the stage entrance music.

Realistic red curtains


The fabulous BadEvent Groom,

BE Genuine braids Tegan

Tegan Henderson

BE Zima Tegan art

who is also an amazing artist! Check out this painting she did of the Zebrasaurus!

Joining us in the fun was the very talented rider

BE Landsafe Zach 1

Zachary Brandt.

Then we have the LandSafe creators and instructors

Danny Warrington

BE Landsafe Laura tumble 2 Danny


Keli Warrington

BE Landsafe Laura tumble 2 Keli


Click here for Part 3 of Bad Eventer  & the Bad Event Groom go to the LandSafe РReducing Rider Risk clinic!

BE fall dummy BE



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