Red Numbers 2.0 Box Checked

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It’s been 5 years since my first (& only) Intermediate. 

In case you missed the last blog on this topic check out Red Numbers 2.0

I can’t even tell you how different this one felt. My knowledge base & level of experience from 5 years ago to now has grown this much……

Frankly, last time all I felt was terror. 

This time, I was nervous, don’t get me wrong! But I wasn’t “scared”.

The only terrifying moment was when my stirrup leather slipped off the stirrup bar in warm up! 

If there had even been incentive to keep your feet forward boy did I find it in those moments between that happening & leaving the start box!!!

But we went out of the box & never looked back! 

The Zebrasaurus is officially an Intermediate horse!! 

But hands down the best part was when I came across the finish & a BadEventer fan I’d never met before was standing at the finish line yelling “Red Numbers!!!!!”

Thank you Bridget for making my day! 

Feeling the love!!!!!!

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