Twinkle All the Way

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I got away with this quarter marking….

Baby TRex quarter marking

That is her NAME after all!

That’s Baby T-Rex for anyone who hasn’t been properly introduced.

BE FB photo downloads April 2017 (5)

And when the BadEvent Groom surprised me with this one,

BE FB photo downloads April 2017 (10)

I knew.

BE Landsafe chicken

She gets me.

The fancy Spidey marking is on SpiderWoman. Here she is practicing her superhero skills. More about her later.

BE Spiderwoman jump 1

But when I showed up with this one………

BE FB photo downloads April 2017 (15)

The Fearless Leader started mumbling things like “no way am I warming you up at the show with THAT mane!”

asking for

Oh well, it would’ve been epic. He is the Zebrasaurus after all!


In my full on quest to be as ridiculous as possible, 2 shows back we showed up for XC warm up with Twinkle Toes!

BE FB photo downloads April 2017 (9)

funny portrait of attractive surprised girl

I fully admit if one of my students showed up in warm up with sparkly feet……. I probably wouldn’t even notice.

Expressive surprised man

I guess a lot of thinks in my life sparkle so it’s just not that unusual.

Female hand using a magical wand. Digital illustration.

The Fearless Leader? He noticed.


And he took it pretty well, considering……

I mean, it was JUST a 1*

confused skeptical woman thinking looking at you with disapproval

And I think I got the best quote ever,

“You are the largest 12 year old girl I’ve ever coached.”

Proud red haired little girl

Hee, hee, hee, hee……

So last weekend, the BadEvent Groom added a color.

Girl with thumbs up

Oh yeah……

BE FB photo downloads April 2017 (11)

And we won.

BE Blue ribbons Genuine Zima


I think the sparkly feet are here to stay!


(Thank you Sarah A. for the best hashtag ever!!!)


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