My Little Blowfish

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Blowfish or puffer fish in ocean


After storming around my first Intermediate with The Zebrasaurus

BE Zima MayDaze XC pool table

See Red Numbers 2.0 Box Checked if you missed it.

Next I took on the task of my first Training with SpiderWoman.

BE Atrax MayDaze SJ 2

I got her a fancy new bonnet for our move up.

IMG_0316 (2)

which unfortunately…………. I used in dressage this weekend……

BE Atrax dressage head toss gif

She was being a bit of a knucklehead in warm up. SpiderWoman takes her ballet moves seriously.

Young balet dancer

She has some personal space issues and takes offense at even the suggestion that another horse is going to get close enough to smell her deodorant.

Divorce and seperation

I assumed her issue in warm up was all the other horses who dared enter her space.

Then I entered the ring and realized to my disappointment that she was actually taking issue with her new attire.

giphy (1)

When she nearly shook it off after the halt, I added this to the “note to self, lesson learned” list.

Covered face

We switched back to her OLD bonnet for show jumping where she was perfect in the ring in spite of some warm up shenanigans.

BE Atrax MayDaze SJ 3

Cross country day was the day we decided to BRING OUT THE PINK.


This photo & “labeling”  was courtesy of the BadEvent Husband……….

BE face Ls

The pink “surprise” has been in the works for months, and we got quite the reactions!

BE scared face DP

A few people dawned sunglasses & while the fearless leader hasn’t disowned me quite yet, he is sticking to his theory that I’m the largest 12 year old he’s ever taught.

strong confident girl child concept

I didn’t have my own horse when I was 12.

Enough said.

The first interesting thing that happened on XC day was we couldn’t get the girth on her. The one she has worn for weeks…… It strangely wasn’t long enough and I’ve decided to call her my little blowfish.


After some acrobatic moves on the part of BadEventer & The BadEvent Groom we managed to stuff her into her jump girth & I headed off to XC warm up.

This time SpiderWoman graciously pulled a duck, spin, hop move

BE SpiderWoman Flight

which because I am not the SpiderWoman in this duo, enabled me to test out my LandSafe skills…….

BE LS horse fall 1 A

and my new Point Two airvest.

BE air vest blow

Both worked amazingly well.

While I sat on the ground trying to unsnap my pinny, SpiderWoman had the good manners to circle me and wait until I got up.

BE funny cartoon horse DP

I really think she doesn’t understand why I’m not with her when that happens.

“Mom, I was saving us! You’re supposed to go with me! WHY are you down there??!!”

The crew was able to see from WAAAAAY far away that “the pink” was on the ground, and I had a new canister handed to me for my vest before I knew it. See! The pink is so they can find the body! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

BE Atrax MayDaze XC pink 1

I got back on & jumped a double clear round to finish our first Training Level on our dressage score!

BE Atrax MayDaze XC leap of faith 1


SpiderWoman artwork courtesy of the oh-so-talented BadEvent Groom.

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