Bad Eventer goes to the LandSafe – Reducing Rider Risk Clinic – Part 1

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I admit it.

BE cowboy hat

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ride a mechanical bull.

BE mechanical bull cartoon DP



BE riding bull sign

And every time I’ve had the opportunity……..

My thoughts went something like,

Bad hair day

“I could get hurt and not be able to ride tomorrow”

BE cartoon bandaids dog injured DP

“The individual running it might be drunk and could get me killed”

BE tazmanian devil DP

” I ride dangerous horses in a dangerous sport I should probably stick to that.”

BE K spook

In the end I reasoned that if I got hurt doing something so stupid I just couldn’t live with it…….

and I’ve managed to talk myself out of it, every single time.

Stop and Not Time for Risky Moves words on Road Sign

Besides mechanical bulls…..

I’m also obsessed with safety in our sport and particularly rider & horse falls. The fact that I’ve had a serious fall and own some extensive facial hardware thanks to it…..

xray my screws be

may, or may not, have something to do with my passion on the topic.

BE K rear s

I’ve read every single safety article, study reference, video review……..I comb through all the data I can find.

I LOVE data.

BE Data celebrate gif

Yeah, that Data too, but you know what I meant.

So when I saw the LandSafe team set up at the Ocala Horse Trial this weekend………

BE Landsafe

I could see from across the park that they had a mechanical horse set up to simulate falls. I nearly sprinted over there.

BE Mike fall landsafe


Bad Eventer had found her chance to finally justify getting on that “mechanical bull”!

This was about safety!

And I get to fall off a mechanical horse onto a super soft landing.

Closeup of women showing thumbs up in both hands

I could NOT sign up fast enough!

And the Bad Event Groom got volun-told to sign up with me!

Shocked Blond Woman with Funny Face

Click here for Part 2 of Bad Eventer  & the Bad Event Groom go to the LandSafe – Reducing Rider Risk clinic!

BE fall dummy BE

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