Jumps into Space & Kryptonite

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Fortunately the hurricane shifted east of the jumper show putting us on the drier side. We finished up the show with blue skies. (If you missed part One see Pandemics & Hurricanes.)

I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty excited that there might be a Hurricane Laura this year.

That’s only fitting for 2020.

After knocking the dust off a bit at a schooling event …..

And then in jumper land …..

that put us on path for our first recognized event in 9 months.

Honestly, I had pretty much given up on the upper levels with the Zebrasaurus.

Last year we drove all the way to Maryland to retire on XC at


We won’t discuss too loudly how after the embarrassment of walking off course at jump 4 – he gladly hopped off this massive drop on a lunge line.


Then we drove all the way to New Jersey

to retire at


I will say there is a lot to look at from the take off……

Then we went home and retired in Florida at yet ANOTHER jump into space.

These “leap of faith” jumps totally became our kryptonite.

I decided he just wasn’t going to jump them for me.

Then I got the “talking to”.

You know.

The one.

The whole, it’s not him it’s YOU.

“If you rode to those more appropriately, he’d jump it.”

In the fearless leader’s defense he was a bit more tactful in his wording than that, but “ride better” was definitely the message.

As you can imagine – after such epic failures…….

I was NOT convinced.

But we got to the show, and sure enough one of our kryptonite jumps was on the course.

It was not only at the top of a hill, it was on a turn, and had a huge drop on the back side,

AND It was all of 4 feet wide.

It was seriously every single thing that has taken us out in the past!

So when we dominated it like it was nothing, I told the Fearless Leader…..

He was right. Yep. BadEventer.

Did you know when the BadEventer isn’t riding badly I’m producing a true crime podcast called Aggravating Circumstances?

Season One is about a wrongful conviction.

Aggravating Circumstances can be heard on your favorite podcast app or the website.


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