Pandemics & Hurricanes

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It’s been almost 10 months since I ran a recognized event.

So in anticipation of getting back in the ring we headed off to jumper land as soon as shows started back to knock the rust off.

Wearing face masks in 95 degree weather with 90%+ humidity is an entirely new adventure.

The arm band means I’ve had my temperature checked.

But with our first recognized event in nearly a year on the horizon, getting some legit ring time seemed important.

So when I picked up an ER shift this week to pay for said event at first I thought – well damn – I guess I’m not going to the jumper show.

Then I remembered jumper land is different!

I can totally show up at the show Thursday, work Friday & then go back & show Saturday & Sunday.


I can do it all!!

Then Tuesday rolled around, and the sky was full on pouring. There was no way I was packing the trailer in a downpour.

That left Wednesday after work to pack for the show & ride everyone.

No problem.

I got it done. And as I was flatting the last horse in the dark, being dive bombed by mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds

contemplating the 3 hours of sleep I was going to get

and seriously questioning my life choices

I started hearing wind of a possible hurricane…..

And I began pondering my plan to head SOUTH in Florida…..

during a pandemic

with a hurricane heading this way.

But entries were paid so I felt committed.

That was…..

until 3:00AM rolled around.

Even the Ninja whose horse show enthusiasm is unsurpassed, gave me stinkeye when the alarm went off at 3AM.

And you may not know this about me, but very little in the world upsets me more than being woken up when I don’t want to be.

In spite of the house not actually being on fire….

which I consider the only legitimate reason for getting up at 3AM

I headed out to feed horses in the dark.

As I was driving the 4 wheeler with the hay in it a small insect went down my throat & I coughed until I cried.

And then, I thought,

Oh no.

What if it’s not a bug?

What if it’s Covid??!!

And then I realized that if it’s Covid I get to go back to sleep & skip all this nonsense!

I almost gleefully went to take my temperature – halfway hoping for a mild fever.

Sadly – it was normal.

Which meant I had to load up ponies in the dark & head into

the eye of the storm.

My reward for getting 3 hours of sleep was a blue ribbon for Poison Ivy

& placings for FoxxyCleopatra

& the Zebrasaurus.

Winning! Maybe I don’t need sleep after all.

Then I headed off for my ER shift hoping the hurricane won’t barrel down on the show while I’m gone.

To be continued…..

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