The Rest of the Story Part 2

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If you missed the first part of this story check out A non Badeventer Day and The Rest of the Story.

At the end of the last chapter I had just won my second ever, lifetime, 1st place in eventing. The first was 5 years ago on the WonderPony.


Since my first and, until now, only blue ribbon I’ve competed in A LOT of competitions.

So winning Prelim yesterday on the Zebrasaurus doubled my lifetime wins.

Closeup of women showing thumbs up in both hands

He was a rockstar, and we led from dressage.

BE Zebrasaurus Dressage Rocking Horse

Jumped clear in show jumping.

BE Zima SJ RH 2

And had just few enough time penalties to stay in the lead.

BE Zima XC water up bank 1

Today I had cross country on Baby T-Rex and I didn’t want to get too excited before hand.

BE excited kermit gif



She had WON the dressage.

BE Baby TRex Dressage Rocking Horse

And jumped double clear in stadium.

BE Genuine SJ RH 1

But with eventing, cross country, and especially baby horses

BE nervous gif

there are just so many unpredictables.

BE K rear 1 BE


But Baby T-Rex came out of the start box and was all on task.

BE Genuine RH XC 4

BE Genuine RH XC 2

BE Genuine RH XC 9

BE Genuine RH XC 10 jump position

And we did it!!!

BE Blue ribbons Genuine Zima

Lifetime number of blue ribbons, officially TRIPLED!

BE celebration gif Brad Pitt








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