How NOT to Blanket a Horse

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Just when you think you know what you’re doing with horses……

Zima dressage 2

something happens to prove you wrong.

This is a vicious cycle that I’ve been going through for decades now.

BE N Fall JS C

Things are going well, I’m feeling good, and then I show some small or large bit of poor judgement that reminds me how humbling horses can be, and how much there will always be to learn.

Today was one of those days.

BE K rear

I have some rockstar baby horses that are doing amazing.

BE Star Brite 1

So amazing that they both got their first body clips yesterday (having never even seen a pair of clippers before) and they acted like complete pros.


BE Star clippers

I was impressed and proud!

So here is my lesson on how NOT to blanket a horse for the first time.

  1. Put their very first blanket on AFTER their first body clip.

BE brite clippers

2. Be sure to do this act of stupidity bravery, IN THE DARK.

Full moon over dark sky with.

3. Consider closing their pen so they can’t get out to the large pasture, but don’t actually do it.

Portrait of a girl covering the palm of her mouth

4. When the youngster starts acting a little squirmy, just go right ahead and let him go.

BE racehorse DP


I’ve had a lot of horses.

Horses Running

A helluva lot.

And I’ve put a lot of blankets on, and certainly a lot of “first blankets”.

I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, but I have never, not ever, had one act more than a little silly.

BE WP kneeling blanket

That…… is…….. not……… what happened this time.

fear face 3

The baby decided he was not having it and he was outta there.

BE horse dust storm 2 DP

My horror only stopped long enough to be impressed with his jumping ability for about 2 seconds when he cleared the 5′ fence out of the pasture. And then I was less impressed when his partner in crime decided to follow him & also jumped out of the pasture in the dark.


Well, silver lining, they can both jump!

BE Bluebell free jump

They lapped the property in the dark and it was nothing short of a miracle that they finally stopped unharmed.

Seriously, I don’t know how they didn’t kill themselves galloping around like idiots in the dark!

Concept of breaking through obstacles, or failing illustrated by green and red arrows overcoming brick wall

By the time they stopped and I was able to catch them, I put them back safely in their smaller pen and things seemed to be OK with the youngster and the blanket so he kept it on all night.

In the morning they were happy and settled. He’d been wearing that blanket for 12 hours now without further incident, so I decided to let them back out in the big pasture………wait for it……..

BE cartoon ladder fail DP

with their blankets on.

And before I could think about what poor judgment this was I was witness to a repeat performance. As soon as the kiddo heard and felt the blanket rustling he was outta there.

BE H10

And yes, he jumped the fence, in the same spot, AGAIN.

This time he didn’t stop on the property and went through the neighbors fence as well…… all I saw was a tiny flash of green blanket disappearing into the distance.


Fortunately this time his buddy decided this running around stuff was way too much effort and he stayed in his pasture.

After combing the neighborhood, and once again finding him miraculously unharmed……..

I found my stomach again…….




This brings us to today’s lesson on the RIGHT way to blanket a horse for the first time……………

or at least how to recover from the complete stupidity of the night before.

Seriously, Don’t be like Bad Eventer.






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  1. TeresaA

    Oh my god. That would have taken years off of my life. Time for higher fences.

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