A Big Weekend – Part 3 XC

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Continued from A Big Weekend – Part 1   and A Big Weekend – Part 2 Show Jumping


Cross country day started with FoxxyCleopatra


as my first ride.

I couldn’t decide if I was glad she was first, or sad she was first.

I had some


I was worried if something happened I wouldn’t make it to ride the other two.


I was




We left the startbox with our tail on fire and my feet firmly on the dashboard.

She was pretty much perfect.

And the aggressive ride worked…



Next was The Zebrasaurus. This was the first time we jumped anything significantly close to what we were jumping when I got broken.


I had a a few moments of misgivings in the warm up………

But we came out ready for action

And it was going well.

Then came the coffin.

We got to a bit of a long distance where he was going to have to pat the ground on the way in. That is typically what you WANT jumping into a coffin.  But with the big jump in and the drop on the other side, sometimes he decides “stopping” is better than “pat & go”.

So a stride plus a pat out  from the A element I smacked him.

And I launched into space

he LEFT THE GROUND, a stride and a 1/2 away.

Fortunately he is the reincarnation of Murphy Himself, so he just bounced the whole thing like it was meant to be ridden that way. And we galloped on like nothing happened.


Note to self, do not ride The Zebrasaurus as aggressively as FoxxyCleopatra.


BadEventer and The Zebrasaurus are back in action.


The day finished up with a prelim round on SpiderWoman. She’s had a L O N G break so there were a bunch of unknowns. But other than being completely psycho in warm up if you can get her to the start box she’s a total professional. She jumped around clear like we hadn’t had any time off.



What a great weekend.


Show Photos by Xpress Foto

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