The Cha-cha

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I used to be a competitive country western dancer.



Boy was that a rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting to go down.

I had always wanted to learn how to dance. So I looked at the book of classes offered through the college extension service and I found “Country Western Dance 1” and “Country Western Dance 2”.

I couldn’t sign up fast enough.

Like everything else in BadEventer’s life, I just don’t do anything part way.

What may have sent me down the “all-in” path was that I was the only student who showed up without a partner. (I had no idea bringing a partner was even “a thing”.)

So I immediately found myself partnered with the co-instructor.

In very short order I was taking extra “practice sessions” and when the main instructor noticed my dedication he swooped in saying he was looking for a competition partner………… and off we went……..

Yes, that’s me, I loved that outfit. Fringe still rocks.

So in my dance competition days I learned a lot about the cha-cha.

3 steps forward, 3 steps back, maybe some fancy turns in the middle…….

My relationship with FoxxyCleaopatra is feeling a bit Cha-cha-ish these days.

When I first got her, it was a pretty big disaster.

Things just weren’t synching.

Then we changed bits, changed strategies

and we finally got our act together.

We won our last horse trial together

& I was ready to celebrate.

Then one broken arm, and a 6 month break, it has been a bit like starting over……

3 steps forward

3 steps back……..





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