Blinkers & Buff Breeches

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BadEventer’s continuing adventure in Jumper land

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Things have been going pretty well on the dark side.

The jumps are getting bigger (or at least FoxxyCleopatra thinks they are.)

The rounds are getting faster.

And this week I even won my very first legit jumper class with a jump off!

JumperLand has almost zero different equipment rules, and when tiny little blinkers appeared on Miss-I-Spook-at-Everything-on-the-Side-of-the-Ring I was skeptical.

But I’ll put this in writing right here.

I – was – wrong.

They are magical.

Ok maybe not quite THAT magical….. But still magical.

The ponies are becoming total experts at the hurry up & wait.

Yes the Zebrasaurus stands around on his own.

I hear so many people say that’s the part they really hate about jumper shows – no start times.

While it has definitely been a total mental shift I find a bit of comfort in the flexibility. It gives me time to watch other rounds, review my course a gazillion times, do a little more warm up if I need to. I have to say, so far I actually like that part.

After competing for over a decade in exclusively white breeches

and occasionally pink

I now have my first legit pair of buff breeches.

But when the fearless leader said this hackamore thing was going on my horse

I put my foot down.


it’s not.

The conversation went something like this.

“Have you seen me ride?!”

I can’t use something that has brakes I will pull her to a stop!

I cannot be trusted with anything with shanks, even little bitty short ones.

He said, “Just stay out of her face.”

We argued.

We argued some more.

I did the whole, “I’ve been competing longer than you’ve been alive.”

This went on for two days.

I finally, reluctantly,

agreed to try it once.


We Won.

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