Sunday – Part 2

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After the ridiculously huge small scare during the jog Sunday morning, it was all systems go for show jumping.

BE shuttle small

Show jumping was in the big arena where they had the dressage.

We had to pass the terrifying water fountain again to get from warm up to the ring…….

BE fountain s

And of course everything was being live streamed.

I will say that before I posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB, “Hey everyone! I’m competing in the biggest competition of my career, you should tune in and watch it live!”

BE face me 19

I paused to think if I would feel more pressure or worried that everyone in the world I might know could be watching…………..

BE Amadeus OJC 2

Who am I kidding?

BE me swimming pool wall child

I’ve always loved an audience, yep that’s really me standing on the wall.

And the one & only time friends that I hadn’t seen in <cough> 20 <cough> years came to watch me ride……….. I WON!


So I did post it to the world!

As I was entering the ring, I was silently reminding myself to “smile for the photos” when the fearless leader said, “You can enjoy it AFTER the triple.”

BadEventer jumped double clear in the show jumping, with all 3 BadEventer fans watching the live stream, to move up to 16th out of 71 riders at our first CCI1*

I'm Bad gif no sound

Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad, BadEventer, you know…….


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