The First Jog

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A deer running

I couldn’t figure out why there were no ride times…..

BE puzzled face me

 I realized I just might be in trouble when someone informed me, “That’s how they do it at a CCI event.”


Fitting in riding, working, and everything else in my life these days has been a bit of a crush and I hadn’t exactly had time to contemplate my first CCI…….

White Rabbit with pocket watch

When I found out there are no ride times until after the jog, I quickly realized I probably need jog CLOTHES.  In short order I was informed, “Why yes, you’ll need jog clothes! Nice ones! Two DIFFERENT sets!”

Ladies green suede shoes against a white background

I checked my itty bitty closet (and yes, I really do STILL live in a horse trailer)

BE trailer starbucks

I have riding clothes,

BE Bad Eventer Shirt 1

work clothes

BE resume me face

and wait for it………….

BE Arlene 1


BE Batgirl me

RV living requires sacrifices and BadEventer has priorities.

BE poison ivy costume

Fortunately one of my work outfits just happened to match my horse and wah-lah, a $9 dollar dress I bought at WalMart became the perfect jog outfit. As a good friend commented, “Ya’lls dapples match!!”

Zima jog 2 Zima jog 1

Bad Eventer & The Zebrasaurus = ACCEPTED!!


Stay tuned for dressage day…..


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