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BE box checked

When I moved East to become…….

BE crisis arrow DP

the World’s Oldest Working Student

Giant dinosaur on a background blue sky

one of my goals was to

BE K ditch brush

“develop my own horses”.

I’ve never had as much trouble with horses I trained myself

BE Charmed

as with others.

BE K rear 2

My problem


was that I was raising

BE Lav 3



And since I’m not named Karen, and none of them were named Teddy

{4E4A2F84-5178-4293-873B-DF2588AF1AB1}-GunSmoke ditch (2)

they just weren’t going to get me up the levels.

Lavender Jump 3

Don’t get me wrong.

I blasted around a few training level courses on a 14.1 hand Super Pony.

But we were never going to make it to Prelim.

BE Lav 2

Buying horses hasn’t exactly worked out super well…….

BE Bess fall 10

A few were successes……….but plenty more

BE K rear



So when I headed off to

BE Zebrasaurus mane BE

Live the Dream…..

developing my own horses

Genuine XC 3 RH Fall 2016 s

that are at least in


“the right category”

Genuine dressage new 1

was one of my goals.

I brought a filly with me that I’ve owned since she was 12 weeks old.

Genuine arena baby

Here she is wearing a saddle for the first time.


This fall she did her 1st Beginner Novice

Genuine Starter

and we ended our season last weekend with her first Novice.

Genuine jump 10



No one else has ever jumped her.

Genuine XC water RH Fall 2016 s

And yes, I’m a very proud parent…..

Closeup of women showing thumbs up in both hands on a isolated white background

Start developing my own horses?

Genuine POP 2

Box checked!

Genuine XC 4 RH Fall 2016 s


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