Back in the Tack

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A few months ago, I had a little mishap and broke my arm in a few places.


And now I’ve been given the all clear to “ride” but……… not to “fall off.”

So my days are now balancing acts of decisions.

Is it too windy?

Will this horse be stupid?

When was the last time I fell off this one?

So I came up with a list of the horses with the highest body count……..

And with a careful calculation of barometric pressure and the phase of the moon, combined with the horses age and any particular look they give me on the day in question……. I decide if I’m willing to throw a leg over.

So knowing that I have to make good choices……

Today I was looking at the itty bitty baby corner.

It’s pretty small.

It’s pretty forgiving.

It’s even wide enough you can just hop it like a little mini coop and pretend it’s not a <gasp> corner.

And I was thinking, I should jump that……… But I don’t want to.

I circled it.

I circled it again.

I started “kind of” aiming at it from far enough away I could totally abort the mission if needed.

But I knew there would be a point of no return.

Where I had to commit or face the consequences.

I think I was screaming in my head as I counted “4-3-2-1!”

Yes I jumped it.

Yes it went fine.

But it may have been the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done…..

Back in the tack!

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