How long are you going to keep doing this?


Someone I’ve known for years (and in his defense he wasn’t the only one) sent me a note the day after I broke my arm…….

In case you missed it.

This happened at my last event.


And when the news got out a few of my friends said, “So how long are you going to keep doing this?”


being riding horses.

So. Let me ponder that for a moment……

Don’t get me wrong.

As I was sitting on the ground, tragically broken and holding up the cross country, my first thought shortly after “Oh SHIT” was

“SELL – THEM – ALL – I – AM – OUT!!”

I’ve been riding for <cough> going on 4 decades.

And by riding, I mean serious riding. There has hardly been a day in my life I haven’t been on a horse…….. or six.

So that question is a little odd to me. I did my first event, back when it was called “combined training” 37 years ago. And in a couple hundred competitions this is the first, yes the very first time in my life that I’ve been injured while eventing.

Sure, I’ve had 2 other mishaps in my 40 years in the tack. Nearly 20 years ago my safest steed tripped & fell. While trotting in a straight line.

And last year, I got stepped on. By a baby.

What a bummer.

So here I am, with my first official “eventing” injury and I get a chorus of, “when are you going to stop riding horses?”


Not today.

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