FEI paid off by Tattoo Lobby

While reviewing the new FEI rules I really only have one comment.

OK, that’s a lie. I have lots of comments but I have one overriding concern.

What about everyone with a 4 Star tattoo?

They worked, they slaved, they finally made it.

They completed their first 4 star and to commemorate it they got a

permanent monument to their achievement tattooed somewhere

on their body.

And now a 4 star is a CCI 5 Star Major

Here’s a dizzying chart from the FEI

So the real questions:

Do they leave the 4 star tattoo and explain to all the kids in the future,

“Back in my day a CCI 5 Star Major was called a 4 star.”

Or do they get a coverup?

I wish the FEI would consider all the unintended consequences when they make these kind of decisions.

Photo generously shared by Chelan Kozak

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