So Close – Part 1

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It’s been an interesting week.

In case you missed the last installment of the BadEventer Tale see it here.

When Things Go Sideways

In short, things unraveled some this week & I hit the ground three times a bit & even rode a tree to the ground!

Needless to say I had some trepidation coming into the show this weekend.

I had 5 horses going to the event. Seriously what is wrong with me.

I was doing my first training on The Munchkin aka VelociT. That’s Baby T-Rex’ little brother.

Photo by Xpress Foto

He’s fabulous.

I was supposed to do his first training a few months ago. But at the time I was injured so I let the Fearless Leader take him around.

This week, in spite of my arboreal shenanigans, I was able bodied enough to keep going. So I got to take my fabulous youngster around our first training level together.

Photo by Xpress Foto

Spoiler Alert. He finished on his dressage score in 3rd place! But more about him in a future blog.

This morning I had a lot of concerns. I had 5 cross country rounds to do in 3 divisions. It was my first training on the baby. I had an Intermediate as a prep run for a big 3*. I was attemping my first Prelim on a horse I got eliminated on the last time we went Prelim. Another Prelim on a horse that tossed me into a tree this week. And a 3rd Prelim on a horse that I retired on last time out.

This was not going to be a cake walk.

The day started with VelociT who was perfect and finished in 3rd.

Next was SpiderWoman. This was her last prep run before the CCI3*L in 2 weeks.

She was amazing.

Photo by Xpress Foto

This horse never disappoints.

Photo by Xpress Foto

That was 2 clear cross country runs!

Just a mere three to go!


To Be Continued…..

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