Life Choices

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I thought Maryland might be a little cooler in July than other places.


And I decided if we’re driving that far, we’re taking everyone.

So we loaded up 5 horses & started our epic road trip.

Which only had one detour.

My favorite part about the flat tire was waiting in South Carolina to replace it someone asked, “Do you have racking horses or quarterhorses?”


We survived the flat & still made it to Maryland with just enough daylight to get a brief view of the course.

When we pulled in & I saw this from the driveway…….

I decided this was a very poor life choice & we were going home.

I don’t know if it was sleep deprivation, the allergic reaction on my face that just won’t go away, or the relentless heat that followed us all the way to Maryland

but I was completely ready to say, “I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. I’m outta here.”

Seriously, I’m not proud. Declaring myself a chicken shit & exiting stage left would not hurt my feelings one bit.

Then I got some sleep.

Then my ponies passed the jog.

And I walked the course with some fresh eyes.

And while I reserve the right

To change my mind at any time.

I think we’re staying.

As the BadEventer Husband likes to say, “it’s just a log.”

Dressage starts tomorrow.

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