Blue Numbers

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I’ve made a big life choice recently.

I’ve been muddling along trying to juggle riding a bunch of horses & working full time……

for a bit too long.

When I left Texas to become “The World’s Oldest Working Student” this little adventure was supposed to be short term.

One – year.

I was going to spend a year riding full time

& when I ran out of money (which wouldn’t take very long) I was going to figure out what the next chapter of my life would be.

And then in the strangest of circumstances I became my father’s guardian.

I’m the one in the back.

I definitely didn’t see that coming.

And it put everything in a bit of a holding pattern.

I was still in Florida (so was Dad)

& I was still riding (sort of).

And to afford it all I was still working (way too much)

The BadEventHusband was always supportive, “Honey, that giant trakehner is just – a – log.”

I was floating down a river with little aim, letting it take me where it went.

Then I broke my leg.

And then my arm.

My Dad passed.

And it turned out my new job didn’t have a flexible enough schedule to accommodate an upper level eventing show season.

I had to make some decisions.

Along the way, one thing I realized is that I just can’t do it all.

Being an upper level rider takes way more fitness than anything I’ve ever done.

Having upper level horses requires way more riding, in all weather……..

I really do HATE riding in the rain.

The mere thought of continuing at this pace for another couple of years makes me down right nauseous.

So I’ve decided to take a break from work to focus on those blue numbers.


I’m still not sure why I’m so driven to check that box.

In warm up last weekend a super experienced professional said to me,”Going advanced really isn’t a big accomplishment unless you do it on a horse that really shouldn’t be going that level to begin with.”

I understand what he meant. Don’t leave the start box on something without talent & rideability for the level.

But for us mere mortals, even on a talented willing mount, I think it’ll still be a pretty big accomplishment.

So at least for now,

I’m taking a break from work to focus on chasing those blue numbers.

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