Coming Back

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Come backs are tricky.

There was a time

when I had to jump something every day.


if I went two days without jumping a jump

it was like starting over.

one step forward

two steps back

The Fearless Leader at the time

was pretty blunt

He mentioned that I should consider a different sport

more than once

Fortunately, at some point I moved on from that stage.

And I actually, kinda sorta, got to a place where I looked like

I knew what I was doing.

And it stayed with me.

But after a 6 month break

down for the count

you have to wonder

if you still have what it takes

or if you have retained any of your hard fought for skills


With some trepidation

I got back in the saddle

and pointed the ponies

at some freaking huge properly sized obstacles

So far, it seems like I still know how to do this.








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