Pony tails, pictures & patience

I’ve had a bit of time to ponder what the heck I’m doing lately.

In case you missed it……..

I had a little mishap.

And it’s still hard to believe how such a nothing fall………….

turned into such a nasty injury.

And while the break itself was pretty horrific

The real pain & suffering didn’t really begin until I had to start physical therapy.

Those therapists…….

are true sadists.

So while I’ve been living in the neverending groundhog day of physical therapy, work, sleep, repeat…..

And contemplating my place in the universe, I have actually started unpacking & decorating my house.

You know. The one I moved into 18 months ago….. When you don’t have 6 horses to ride every day it’s amazing the time you have to do completely unnecessary things.

So I’ve been working…….


& sitting around drinking margaritas eating bonbons.

But there have been a few successes along the way.

The first time I was able to get my hair in a pony tail……. post-accident…..

was serious cause for celebration.

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