BadEventer & Burghley 2017 – Part 2

Part 2


What I learned at Burghley……….


“A cob should be properly hogged.”

Which actually has nothing to do with hogs or corn.

The rest of the explanation was, “all superfluous hair should definitely be removed on a cob”.

Yep, shave those ponies!

It’s a “thing” over there that all glasses served in pubs must be full to the very tippy top.

When a lovely young lady splashed a tiny amount out of an over full glass she insisted on topping it off again before handing it over.

I think US bars should adopt the same policy. Just sayin.

Everyone has a horse to sell you.

It didn’t matter if I was buying gelato or trying on show coats, the conversation would end up, “Do you fancy that horse that just went?” I know the breeder, the agent, the trainer, the rider, the coach………here let me give you their contact details.


What happens in Peterborough stays in Peterborough.

For the record no bail money was needed.

The Burghley grounds seem a bit confusing until you sort out that you can basically navigate in any direction by looking for the “house”.

I know, it’s a bit hard to miss.

But when you add all the champagne being handed your way by everyone who has a horse to sell, anything helps.

When it takes an engineer to decipher the “Options” schematic……..

you might be at Burghley…….

The trade fair truly is endless.

Just when we thought we had seen “it all” we’d find an entire row of shops we missed.

Even Ze Terminator makes mistakes.

We were front & center at the Trout Hatchery when……. the stop heard around the world happened.

He was so far off his line I thought he was taking the longer option. And then………..

I was thinking it looked similar to the drive by I had a few weeks ago. But I’m, you know, Bad Eventer……………

I think I’m still in shock.



Nothing else to say about that!

Apparently Brits think Americans are crazy.

Bad Eventer and the BadEvent Partner in Crime did nothing to persuade them otherwise.

A jeroboam is a size of champagne bottle. So is a nebuchadnezzar.

We spent the better part of an evening learning about where this name came about & who on earth thought it up. For the wordies out there here is an interesting article on the subject.

Even the weather is polite in England. When a swath of rain was headed towards us during show jumping…….


A radar image that covered the entire country with rain, it made a circle around us. Literally. Seeing that we had uncovered seats after the “I forgot the Burghley tickets” fiasco, someone was looking out for us!

Five days at Burghley & we didn’t get rained on! IMPOSSIBLE! Or maybe we had enough Pimms we didn’t notice it was raining. Or could be the runner’s high!

Yes, we proved Americans are nuts by jogging while at Burghley!


Leave it to BadEventer to find dinosaurs everywhere in the world.

The Zebrasaurus

& Baby T-Rex would be proud.

Burghley Photo Bomb


We finally got to see the Cottesmore Leap up close…….

But the real question is WHO was the mystery man at the Cottesmore Leap?

And more importantly what book is he reading while sitting at the largest jump in the eventing world??!!

Everyone is funny.

I think we laughed from the time I got to the airport in Michigan to the time we left the U.K.

After dressage the British riders would say things liked “We were clearly not here for the dressage. Glad we stayed in the ring. Not sure why we bothered with that.” At a US competition there is never that kind of hilarity it’s always very serious & strictly, “I’m just so excited to be here. He tried his very best. I couldn’t have asked for more.” Blah blah blah, the non-US riders were candid & hilarious. When If Bad Eventer is ever there I promise to say something ridiculous.

BadEventer fans truly are the best. A lovely young man named Danny found us during dressage and told me how much he loved my blog.


And that, is what BadEventer learned at Burghley.

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