BadEventer & Burghley 2017 – Part 1


“I got the room in London. How much were the Burghley tickets?” she asked.

“Tickets……” I pondered

“Tickets?” and the horror started sinking in.

I was realizing that after I had suggested our big trip for the year should be to go to Burghley Horse Trial…..


I realized that I had






The BadEvent Partner-in-Crime is a logistics and transportation expert, so I had comfortably come up with the big idea……

“Burghley 2017! We should go!”

And then sat back & let her coordinate the rest.

And yes, I had planned to buy the tickets.




I couldn’t possibly admit that I had failed the one job that I had. I started envisioning a back alley deal where I handed over fist fulls of cash to an undercover scalper to get us in to the invariably sold out arena for show jumping.

I was trying to figure out how I was going to hide the fact that I was the biggest loser of biggest losers until I could sort it out. It was already pretty late in England but I was ringing the ticket office just in case some poor soul was putting in overtime for an idiot as pathetic as I was trying desperately to get Burghley tickets.

The phone was ringing. It was on the 28th or 29th ring, long after any normal, reasonable person would have hung up.

I was staring at the text, “how much were the tickets?” trying to come up with some kind of delay tactic.

Just as I was considering the witness protection program a lovely voice far far away said, “Burghley ticket office may I help you?”

After I managed to secure tickets,

I finally replied to the text.

“So………….Funny story about those tickets!”

And that is how Bad Eventer’s adventure to Burghley 2017 began.


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