Show prep strategies & BadEventer hate mail

I realized the first time someone gave me a “thumbs down” on a YouTube video

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that when you put things on the world wide web you’re going to find fans and………… people that aren’t fans.

For the most part BadEventer gets fairly friendly letters and comments. And those have always made me feel warm and fuzzy. After all, my blog is about just how BAD I am at doing something. I talk about my failures and fears, and I let it all hang out there.

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Mostly people can relate, they have bad days too, and it’s nice not to feel alone in your misery.

I was talking to a friend recently about someone assuming their life was different than how it was because of the positive/fun things she posts on social media. When actually she’s going through one of the worst times in her life. Not everyone wants to share the bad stuff, and I for one typically keep my real life social posts to what I call “the highlight reel”. It’s not my day to day reality, it’s just what I want to share. ¬†Who wants to follow someone who just whines about things anyway?

I reserve my whining for my blog, after all it’s a………

Bess Trakehner Holly Hill

about a Bad Eventer…….

I’m getting ready to do the 2nd intermediate of my life, and rather unexpectedly got a note that I would categorize as a “nasty gram”. This person took offense to something I wrote and I’ve decided to comment on it. They said I wrote things that were hurtful and untrue and I didn’t need to “crap on the people who only tried to help you.”

My initial thought & response was, “Whoah!!!! This is entertainment and I’m not trying to crap on anyone.”

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Definitely – no – crapping.

And, last I checked my blog is about BadEventer & there are no actual names in my blog, and it is story telling for entertainment………………

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So below is a video of my thoughts:

What do you think?


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