The Rest of the Story

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If you missed the first part of this story, check out A non Bad Eventer Day for the details.

I was feeling pretty good about my first ever position at the top of the leader board.

BE strut gif


That was definitely a first.

Then I walked my cross country course.

Confused woman - people feeling confusion


We’ve been having this massive¬†little bitty problem with dropping into water.

BE Z water drop 1 D

Our last few outings have involved some pretty spectacular, though undesirable, splashes.

OJC water 2

Yeah, I actually kicked myself with my spurs.

Shocked Blond Woman with Funny Face

So when I saw THIS on my course, I had some concerns.

BE water drop RH 1

It was a pretty big drop into water

BE water drop RH 2


followed by a super tight line to an out bank (it walks in about 3 1/2 strides), Is it 3 or is it 4?

When the fearless leader said it could be 3 or 4 but I had to decide which one before his feet hit the water, I wondered if he remembered just who he was talking to??

BE shirt 201

There was plenty to do on this course, and a few places that could easily catch someone off guard.

Warning sign for a Christmas tree falling over

I was doing all I could not to imagine what it would be like if I actually pulled this off.

Overjoyed European Woman

Could BadEventer possibly double her number of life time first place ribbons? (Yep, in 35 years of eventing I have exactly ONE first place.) And that was YEARS ago.


I sat myself down and reminded Bad Eventer of her goals.

  1. Stay on the horse


2. Don’t fall off in the water

BE water ocala drop fail

3. Remember FOR ONCE, please for once, to slip the damn reins when we jump in

BE WP drop 1

4. Remember my course

Giving up or breaking through

5. Don’t do anything really stupid


AND IF 1 though 5 are going well, only then think about just maybe, possibly trying to make time.


The water went perfectly………

BE Zima drop water RH 1

and I even slipped the reins! Boom!

BE Zima water drop RH 2


And the verdict is……………………

We didn’t make time.

White Rabbit with pocket watch

But no worries

Portrait of a funny pretty blonde girl posing at studio. Retro style.


We had a 14 second lead, and came in 11 seconds over optimum time.

WE WON!!!!!!

BE happy dance gif 3




To see how the weekend ended with Baby T-Rex, see The Rest of the Story Part 2






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