Doing it Wrong! or How NOT to jump off banks

I seem to be having a bit of trouble jumping off banks.

BE Z drop Oc 1

This isn’t exactly a new problem.

Drop poplar place icy bad


BE WP drop 1


BE D TR drop


BE WP drop 2


BE WP drop 3

BE WP drop 4

I vividly remember about 6 years ago writing my then on line instructor about this problem and sending in some videos………….

BE face me 11

Since then I’ve been “surviving” all these years…… so I hadn’t really identified that this was still a problem until I did my first CCI event a couple months ago.

BE scared face DP

Those were definitely the largest drops I’ve ever done……..

and here’s how it went……..

BE OJC water 1 gif

BE Z water drop 1 D

OJC water 2

Let’s just say I’m not exactly proud of those moments.

So I had a lesson this week devoted entirely to how badly I go down drops.


Here’s the funny – not funny – part of the entire story.

I remember EXACTLY when I started riding them the way I have been for years.

I was watching a 2 star and taking photos.

One of the riders approached the drop into the water and he got so far back in the tack, he literally put his feet up on the horse’s shoulders before he went off the bank.

Here’s the photo!

BE drop POP

For some reason, and probably only because I am THE Bad Eventer, I decided that must be “the way” it’s supposed to be done.

And I’ve been trying to emulate that ever since.

BE hanging from cliff DP


displeased child with toothbrush in hands

Don’t be like Bad Eventer.



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