Working Student Days Off

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On my first day off from my working student adventure I was really excited about my first shopping trip.
I packed for this big life adventure………… in a bit of a rush……….
 and there were some important items I needed to pick up……………..
(Pie makes everything better.)
Did I mention wine?
The shopping went well……………..
 and as I was leaving the parking lot I was promptly pulled over.
It was raining, I was following my GPS, and apparently I completely missed the NO U-Turn sign……..
where I had just…….you guessed it…………made a U-turn.
It takes all of my fingers to count how many years it has been since I was pulled over by the police.
The only thing that saved me was my very old truck, and my out of state plates and license. I pleaded my case that I had only been here for a few days…………
He just shook his head and told me to pay more attention.
Fast forward a week to my next day off, I was determined to stay out of trouble.
I decided staying home was the name of the game. I was lounging around in sleep clothes and sandals when I got invited next door for pizza.
Working Student Rule #1 Never turn down free food.
So I walked over for some pizza that turned into stories and fun that lasted a little too long.
I was eyeing the clock thinking, I have to be up and at work in 8 hours, now 7, now 6 1/2………..
I decided my fun-day-off was over and it was time to go home.
I was quietly congratulating myself for staying out of trouble when I got home and the door was locked.
My key, of course, was inside.
I resisted the urge to panic, since fortunately I did have my phone and while pounding on the door with one hand I started calling locksmiths with the other.
I only bought this trailer a few months ago, and I haven’t really lived in it before. I had noticed the lock seemed to stick a bit and that it kind of locks/unlocks when I slam close the door so I thought beating on it might actually help.
I bruised my hand, but the door didn’t open.
The first locksmith I spoke with was out of town…….the next one said he would love to help but he was home sick………..the third asked me to send him a photo of the lock when I explained it was a horse trailer.
I sent him the photo and he said, “Unfortunately, I had one like that a couple of weeks ago. Those are special and only the trailer manufacturers can break into those. You’ll have to call them.”
That’s when the panic really started setting in.
The mosquitos had found me by then, and I was being chewed up while standing outside wondering just how badly this was going to end. It was the middle of the night, obviously no trailer dealers were open. My dog, my bed and all my clothes were locked in the trailer.
I tried all the windows.
I tried them again.
I beat on the door some more.
I thought, I can sleep in my truck (yeah right, as if I’d be able to sleep.)
And I was trying to formulate a plan on how I would be able to work in sandals and pajamas without acquiring serious physical injury.
I desperately kept calling locksmiths, and around locksmith number 9, he said, “I can’t come because I’ve already got 4 or 5 hours of calls lined up.” It was midnight, and I tried to convince him that even 5 hours would be ok, because then I could put on boots and a bra before I had to be at work!” 
He said he just couldn’t do it, and, “Oh by the way, the guy that told you horse trailers are special was lying. Any of us can pick a lock, he just didn’t want to come in the middle of the night.”
I begged him for a recommendation. He kept saying, I’m sure you’ve called everyone else already.
I had to explain that I was new to the area, I had started calling locksmiths with the As, and I was just going down the list………. and for the love of all that is my desire to have a freaking bra on for work in the morning please tell me someone who I should call next!
He finally gave me a name.
And that person came in the middle of the night to break into Bad Eventer’s horse trailer….. so that she could let her dog pee and have appropriate clothing for work in the morning.
So much for Bad Eventer staying out of trouble on her day off. 

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