Taking Chances

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I have a SuperHorse.
No seriously.
He is one of those freaks of nature, that in spite of 61 competitions….
& no I’m not exaggerating.
In 61 recognized starts at USEA & FEI events
He has never
and I really do mean
had a cross country jump penalty.
For the record, that doesn’t happen much.
I bought him because someone seriously twisted my arm and said, “THIS IS THE HORSE! You know what’s on the market and you CANNOT pass this one up!!!!!!!”
I didn’t have the money.
I really didn’t have it, but after some heavy persuasion and a bit of a bank loan I brought him home.
A couple weeks later we did our first training level and he completely ran away with me…… um – hello he’d been competing at Intermediate a few weeks earlier………..
Who did I think I was? Phillip Dutton?
At that first show I was thoroughly dressed down by my coach……. for jumping the gun with my new pony & riding him poorly.
I deserved it.
Many lessons and a few months later……
 We ran our first Prelim.
 When he decided to run SIDEWAYS at the giant clown fish we had to jump into the water, all I could think was……
Bad Eventer is NOT going to be the rider that ruins this horse’s perfect record!!!!!!!!
My determination got us over the clownfish……………just barely………….
Then we got our act together and won our next Prelim (oh yeah), & placed 4th at our first Intermediate………….uh huh……………
Bad ass Eventer
But then life got in the way and we took a bunch of time off.  I rode babies jumping 12 inch jumps……. for MONTHS……
Then I tried to leap back in the game, but after jumping itty bitty on baby horses for too many months….. those Prelim jumps …..just looked MASSIVE.
At our last show when we went out on course, I could hear the announcer calling out Refusal after Refusal at the corner coming out of the water.
I left the startbox thinking, “I CANNOT ruin this horse’s record!!!!”
About that…….
We made it around clear.
Duh, he’s a SuperHorse. A monkey could’ve made it around clear.
But we trotted the jump in the water, and added about 3 strides to the corner.


Anything OTHER than a superhorse wouldn’t put up with that kind of backwards riding.


I came across the finish line, rather proud of my clear round but as soon as my coach found me all I remember was him saying, “NO NO NO NO, you have to ride FORWARD!!!”
“You cannot add everywhere on a horse like this!”


I had a long drive home to think about it………..
I have a superhorse.
He’s mine.
I will NEVER sell him.


And if one day – we have a drive-by on course while “going for it”…………
and he gets his first 20 with BadEventer in the irons……….


So what……………
I am Bad Eventer after all.


You have to take a chance.

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5 thoughts on “Taking Chances

  1. emma

    i love it!! sounds like an amazing horse! and it reminds me of the quote: 'don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great' – it'll be worth it!!

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