One Special Horse

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After searching the world over.
And riding lots of WRONG horses.
I finally found THE horse for me.
Now that I finally have THAT horse, I can’t imagine ever finding another one.

Have I mentioned lately, how much I HATE horse shopping?


Bad Eventer has written more than a few blogs on that topic….

I don’t want another horse. I want this horse. And while hopefully his retirement is a long ways off………….
I was talking about cloning him with a friend of mine.
She said she thinks horses are always getting better & she wouldn’t clone her horse because that’s “going backwards.” She thinks her next horse will be even nicer.

That’s just because she doesn’t have The WonderPony.


While I appreciate her sentiment, after riding lots of horses that were not for me…….
And choosing the wrong horse more than a few times……..
I would gladly ride a new & upcoming WonderPony for the rest of my life.
Were it financially feasible I would clone him every 6 or 7 years, so the next WonderPony would be in training as the last ones were competing or retiring.
Maybe one day I’ll have a field full of youngster, competing & retired WonderPonies.
The Adventures of Bad Eventer & her WonderClones


a girl can dream


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