The Bad Event team goes to Kentucky – Day 1

The Bad Event team goes to Rolex.
Day One
We stopped along the Mississippi river where I found a XC jump to take home.

After 1100 miles in the car….

Here’s a quick peak at our first day in Lexington.
Burgoo, yes that’s a real thing.


Silver Charm, I’ve actually owned his full sister Silver Spirit.
Never thought I’d get to meet him in person!

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4 thoughts on “The Bad Event team goes to Kentucky – Day 1

  1. Mary Jayne

    I stood awkwardly next to you at the 5k last night right before the race started wanting to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, but not wanting to look like a complete dork. So, although belated, I love your blog, and hope you had a great run!

  2. zerry ht

    Awesome trip! I enjoyed watching your videos. Keep posting such great articles! You know I also visited NYC last month. There I attended some cultural NY events. It was superb show. I spent amazing time with my family.

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