Letting Go

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I’ve been riding this horse for awhile now.

And I have a bit of a problem.

He is – without a doubt – the spookiest horse I’ve ever ridden.

And believe me……. that says A LOT………..
I’ve ridden some pretty scared knuckleheads.

There was………




But NO horse before this one has so handily unloaded me with such ease.

It may be hard to believe….. but Bad Eventer is pretty good at staying on top. I’ve been starting young horses and riding trouble makers for a LONG time……………

In spite of riding a plethora of BAD actors, I can’t remember a horse that has ditched me more than a few times.

Zinnia =  bucked off twice

Charmed = bucked off once, reared off once, spooked off once, 3 time’s the charm.

Bess = Jumped into (instead of OVER) the trakehner and crushed me against the wall of the ditch.


 Have I mentioned how much I just LOVE trakehners?

My Little Satan = 2 falls, though one of them she actually clocked me in the head with her head and hit me hard enough to knock of me off. Does that even count?

The Serial Killer = one lightning fast spook sideways that unloaded me in the water jump

But Baby Seabiscuit……………..

has now earned the honors for the ONLY horse that has unloaded me so many times………
…………….that I’ve officially LOST COUNT.


I don’t ride this horse without a neck strap, and there is rarely a moment that I don’t have a hand – or both – hooked into it.

His ability to duck and leave me in the dirt is a complete testament to his athletic ability.

Recently I was riding in the XC field, and we’d been at it for awhile.

I was thinking about one of my last lessons where I was told in no uncertain terms that I HAD to sit up and let go. I had tried to explain that if I do that, he’ll probably DUMP ME……… but my fearless leader was NOT impressed with my excuses.

I had been riding out there about 30 minutes & I was feeling pretty good………

So I decided to TRY sitting up and letting go…………..

It was almost uncanny.

I think I made it 15 steps………

and in the blink of an eye………THIS terrifying monster appeared in front of us…………


His stop & spin move is unreal.

But I’ve found that if I have a hand on the neck strap I can stick it when instantly I’m headed the opposite direction.
But no hand on the neck strap………..and Bad Eventer is IN THE DIRT. 

Yesterday morning I was riding in the arena and finally convinced myself to LET GO.

It was like I don’t know how to ride anymore. I was all over the place! I’ve been holding that neck strap for so long I’ve lost my seat, my hands, and my balance.

I’ve decided for better or worse, I better figure out how to ride again WITHOUT holding on……..

This may provide LOTS of Bad Eventer stories! Stay tuned……




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