Keep the Gates Closed

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I had just bought the Wonder Pony.

He was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen.

Oh wait.
Make that the most gorgeous HORSE I’d ever seen.

The most talented horse I’d ever ridden.

And absolutely, completely, irrefutably, the most expensive valuable horse I’d ever ridden.

After spending every dollar I had (and several I didn’t) I was on my way to pick up the Wonder Pony.

I was feeling rather ill actually.

I was thinking about just how much this ridiculous important purchase was going to set back my retirement fund.

Oh wait.

What retirement fund?

The first thing I did before I even wrote the check (that was a “Big Check” photo earlier in case you missed it) was call the insurance company. I didn’t want to haul the new Wonder Pony without FULL coverage. Heck I didn’t want to halter him, look at him, or breath in his vicinity unless I knew he was insured.

I was wondering how much bubble wrap it would take to completely bundle a 16.2 hand horse.

I sent the vet report in, was told he’d be covered that day, and went off to pick him up for the long, make that, VERY LONG haul home.

(ok, not quite THAT long)

As I was turning onto the street where the farm was………. my agent called me.

“Hi there! We got the vet report but not the application so he’s not actually covered yet.”

I had a small melt down on the phone

……….until she assured me it was digital and I could just fill out the form on line and email it to her.

I was pulling in to pick him up and I thought, no problem I’ll whip out the lap top and get this taken care of.

However, he was already bundled up in his travelling clothes, and there were many sad faces saying their goodbyes.

There was a gas station about 200 yards up the road and in true Bad Eventer style I thought, “Rather than draw out the tearful goodbyes. I’ll just load him and stop at the gas station and get this pesky insurance thing sorted out.”

I was rearranging some things in the trailer when IT HAPPENED.

A kind helper decided to put him in the trailer…………………….

He got scared with the strange trailer…………. and probably all the emotions going around and he………..LEFT.

Yes, you read that right.

The horse I had just mortgaged my house to buy was galloping off dragging a lead rope.


And yes, the GATES were open!

Many moments of horror flashed through  my mind, and I imagined every horrific outcome I’d ever heard of with a loose horse. (Have I mentioned lately that I’m a vet?)

Half a dozen people scattered running to block entrances and chase the speeding pony. (Did I mention that he is a Thoroughbred?)

Fortunately the wonder pony uneventfully ran back to a paddock with a buddy in it, and stood there waiting until we fetched him.

I emailed the insurance application, and while I was waiting for a return call, I took the back partition out of the trailer so the Wonder Pony had a luxury box stall to travel in.

I think he was just making sure I knew who was in charge.

Bad Eventer does it again.

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2 thoughts on “Keep the Gates Closed

  1. jenj

    The image of the Wicked Witch of the West had me laughing SO hard!

    But since he is, of course, the Wonder Pony, it all turned out alright.

    (You DID call your insurance agent back to make sure he's covered, right? RIGHT???)

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