Horse Shopping

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Have I mentioned that I hate horse shopping?

Yes…………… I guess I have.

Well……………..I finally figured out how to survive the experience.

But more on that in a little bit.
One of the coolest things I figured out several years ago was that there is such a person as a “Sheep Broker.”

Yes, I said SHEEP.


in the same sentence.

I was in a position where I needed some sheep.

And yes, it’s entirely possible to NEED sheep.

Don’t ask.

So I needed some sheep ASAP.


I was given a phone number.

I called, and the conversation was something like this.


I need some sheep.

OK, what kind?

Um, uh, I’m not sure, do you have any suggestions?

Yes, Dorpers will cost a little more up front but they are easier to handle and you’ll get more money when you sell the lambs.

Ok, great. Dorpers it is.

How many do you want?

Um, uh, I’m not sure….20??

I’ll try to get 20, do you want a ram?

Oh, um, yes, I’ll need one of those.

Super, be here at 5:00pm to pick them up.

Do I need to call or come to the sale?

Nope, I’ll take care of it all, just bring a trailer.

And a few hours later I was the proud owner of 19 Dorper Ewe’s and 1 Dorper Ram, whom my husband immediately named

Mr. B. B.

(the first B stands for Big, and I’ll let you figure out what the 2nd B stands for.)
Back to the horse shopping……………..

It turns out – that just as there are SHEEP brokers, there are Horse brokers too.

You really can hire someone to find you a horse, and cut out most of the pain involved.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Bad Eventer has a new pony.

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4 thoughts on “Horse Shopping

    1. Bad Eventer

      The cause for the sheep emergency……a disagreement with a local official on whether horses are "agricultural". I'm not sure why the laws are so hard to interpret when it says "livestock = horses, cattle, sheep, etc" The sheep were cheaper than the penalties would have been if the conclusion had not been favorable.

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