Good Ponies & Bad People!

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Ponies are notorious for being bad.

They have a much deserved reputation.

Of course it’s not really their fault.

We expect ponies to be perfectly behaved with beginner riders

completely tolerant

infinitely patient


yet they are hardly ever ridden by someone with experience.

It’s no wonder that most ponies are rotten to the core.

And the really good ponies are few and far between.

(Shameless plug, for my Super Good Pony! She’s for sale!)

So when I decided to rehome a pony, it just amazed me the responses I got.

Don’t get me wrong. She’s lovely.


But when you take a well bred, lovely pony and give them away for free……………….

It’s probably NOT the next Teddy O’Connor.


And when you are rehoming a pet of any kind, for some reason people think you are OBLIGATED to give the pony to the first person that will show up.

Sorry, I’m not sending the pony home in that.

Fairly quickly I had a day scheduled for someone to try the pony. When more people contacted me I let them know someone was going to try her already.

     “But we can be there today!!!”
I’m sorry I already have someone coming.
      “But we can be there first!!”
I’m sorry, I already have an appointment to show her.
     “But we’ll come right now.”
No, I’m sorry. 
      “But, we’ll bring the trailer!”
No I’m really looking for the best home, and I already have someone coming.
     “But we’ll even PAY for her!!”
No I’m sorry, I’m not cancelling my appointment.
     “We’ll bring money, how much will it take?” …………………..

That particular conversation went on FAR longer than you could ever imagine.

It’s amazing that when I was trying to sell this pony, no one looked at her. But when I decided to give her away, EVERYONE wanted her. And most of them weren’t very nice about it.


that if I’m giving a valuable pony away, the home is more important than the money.

Here’s a true story – no lie………………….it went like this…………..

My “unusually large” grandson wants a pony.

      The pony is very small, and should only carry 20% of her body weight.
My grandson has a metabolism problem and weighs 240 pounds.
      The pony only weighs 600 pounds. 20% is 120 pounds. She can’t carry him. 
But It’s not HIS fault he’s so big!!!!
      The pony can’t carry that much weight, perhaps you should find him a horse.
But he WANTS a pony!
      I’m sorry, it’s not going to work.
But he wants YOUR pony!!
      I’m sorry she’s not big enough for a rider that size.
I’m going to call my LAWYER!!! You’re discriminating against my grandson!!
      I very much look forward to talking to your lawyer.

Oh, yes these calls go on and on……………….

Now that the pony is FREE, I’ve also had a dozen offers to pay for her!

No you can’t have her I have someone already interested. Oh, you’ll pay? Well they might pay too…………..oh you’ll pay more?????????

Maybe that should be my new marketing strategy……………..

Start your bidding!!!
Or maybe an ad like this one!!

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2 thoughts on “Good Ponies & Bad People!

  1. Lauren

    Story of our life up here – if it's free, they are willing to pay for it (but of course, like in your situation, it's a home you would NEVER be okay with) or if there's a price on it, they expect it to be free. Baaaa! Oh well, I guess there isn't a single horse person who doesn't have at least one screw loose! Good luck finding the right home!

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