A Helmet Saved My Life Today – Again.

Helmets save lives.

I’m pretty sure even the people who refuse to wear a helmet, admit that there are people walking among us who wouldn’t be here without having worn a helmet.

The thing about helmets is they are really only designed for ONE impact. This means when your helmet takes a good knock you are supposed to replace it.

My Helmet Today

Seeing that I’ve had waaaaaay more than my share of concussions……………

And that I’ve got more hardware in my face than anyone short of Tuff Hedeman…………….

I take the “new helmet after a fall” rule pretty seriously.

One of the ways I came to acknowedge just how BAD an EVENTER I really am was when I started ordering helmets 2 at a time.

So fortunately, I have a new Charles Owen sitting in a box, ready to rock as soon as they finish the X-rays.

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