Finally A BAD Lesson!!!!!

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Yes, you read that correctly.

I had a BAD lesson, a VERY BAD lesson…………..

and I am THRILLED!!!!

No, I haven’t been drinking the green stuff again

well…. at least not THAT green stuff!!

A bad lesson is truly a rare gem to be sought after and cherished.

“Huh?” you say! 

I know I’ve still lost most of you……….

So here is the thing.

When you have a GOOD lesson, where your horse is just so good in so many ways, and makes easy work out of everything……..

you probably didn’t really need that lesson.

And when an instructor is shouting commands at you and they have that experienced foresight (that you don’t) you tend to avoid many of the things that happen when their watchful eyes are not present.

Every time I take my horse to a dressage lesson I feel like she is under some kind of magical spell. She puts on her fairy princess outfit and behaves as only a princess would.

Forget, that she is the ultimate gutter wench at the shows.

When the Grand Prix dressage champ is watching – she performs only with her twinkle toes on.

She looks sooooo innocent!!

After weeks of lessons hearing “That’s lovely!” and “I don’t know what the problem is?!”

The Fairy Princess – FINALLY showed her true colors in a lesson.

And boy was it ugly!!!!!!

My wonderful instructor who has only seen my lovely Princess at her best FINALLY saw what happens at the shows.

And was able to tell me how to FIX IT!!!! Or rather all the things I was doing wrong to cause it………….

I was sooooooo happy I had a bad lesson, my instructors weren’t quite sure what to do with me. I just kept saying over and over, ” I am SO GLAD she was BAD TODAY!!!”

But I guess you wouldn’t understand unless you’re really Bad………

Here’s Bad Eventer………….looking forward to my next REALLY BAD LESSON!!!!

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